Unlock the Wins on Sopranos Slot

Posted on July 12, 2013

play sopranos slotOn this exciting game of slots there are four bonus rounds but you have to progressively unlock each one as you go along. On the first bonus round of the Sopranos slot, the Soldier round, consists of 25 free spins but if you manage to get the wild symbol on the center reel during the round, you will be awarded a further 5 free spins. When you have played three of these bonus rounds, the second, Capo, round is opened and it consists of 20 free spins but has a multiplier of between x2 and x5. The third of the bonus rounds, the Boss round, on the Sopranos Slot is unlocked for your 7th time of getting the three Sopranos symbols on the reels and although only consists of 10 free spins, there are extra wilds added and it is possible to get a multiplier of x5. Family round is the last of these bonus rounds on the Sopranos Slot which is unlocked for your 10th time of getting a bonus and once again consists of 10 free spins but this time there are less symbols on the reels and using a wild in the win will cause the win to be doubled.

Sopranos Slot
The Sopranos Slot is based on the exciting TV series of the same name and shares the excitement enjoyed by this crime family. As with all crime families, you have to work your way up through the ranks and that is simulated on the slot by having to unlock the bonus rounds. All the popular characters from the TV series are featured as symbols on the 5 reels and can come together to make a win on any of the 25 pay lines.

Although you can play the Sopranos Slot using just small bets, if you bet the maximum of 1,250 then your winning s can be as high as 500,000 but to keep you interested between regular bonus rounds there is an additional bonus round that is triggered randomly and can also pay handsomely, so enjoy being part of the crime family and learn that, at least in this instance, crime can pay.