There’s a Family of Wins Available on this Slot

Posted on February 16, 2015

sopranos slotThis slot is all about family, the crime family from the popular TV series and so when you play the game, you join that family in its everyday business. When you play Sopranos slot, some of the family business is perhaps illegal but that doesn’t stop you from taking advantage of the stolen goods bonus round. The family have a ranking system that allows different bonus rounds to be played depending on your rank but that doesn’t apply to the stolen goods bonus round which can be played whenever it is triggered regardless of your rank. In the stolen goods round you will be shown 10 containers containing stolen goods and even though you don’t yet know what is contained in each, you will have to choose one that you can keep. Don’t worry too much though, as you are family, if you are not happy with your first choice, you can swap it.

There are 4 ranks that you can attain within this crime family and as the default; you will start in the rank of soldier. The other 3 ranks that you can be promoted to are capo, boss and family. In order to advance in rank you must play a certain number of bonus rounds in your current rank, after which you will automatically be advanced.

As a soldier in the family, you play a bonus round of 25 free spins but it is possible to increase this number but in order to do so, you have to get a Christopher symbol on the centre reel. As an added advantage, the Christopher symbols, for this round, are extra wilds.

As a capo the round you play will have 20 free spins but any wins will pay double. During this round it is possible to improve the double payment to a multiplier as high as x 5 but in order to do so, you must this time get the Pauli symbol.

The rounds played as boss and family both have 10 free spins abut in the boss round extra wilds are added to the reels whilst in the family round, many of the symbols are taken from the reels.

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