The Popularity of Sopranos Slots

Posted on May 13, 2013

play sopranos slotThe Sopranos was a very popular TV series about a supposedly notorious crime family and the suspense and drama that went with being a member of the family. Now some of that popularity is being enjoyed by players of Sopranos slots, a game based on the epic series. The game bases itself by including you in some of the antics of the crime family and just as in the series; association alone can bring big money.

All the popular characters from the series appear on the 5 reels and a video shows clips from the series to help lift the excitement and intrigue to a high level. In case an amazing 25 winning lines are not enough to satisfy your need for wins, Sopranos slots also have several bonus features. Two of the more interesting features are bonus rounds called “Stolen Goods” and “Crime Family Free Games”, each of which can lead to amazingly high payouts.

Stolen Goods
On the Sopranos slots Stolen Goods bonus round, you are picked to choose one of five characters from the series. This character will be seen having a meeting with Tony; if all goes well the meeting will end with you having extra credits and picking a next character to talk to Tony. If the meeting goes sour though, and at the end of the meeting the “Don” appears, well your bonus round has come to an end with you holding on to whatever you had won up till then.

Crime Family Free Games
As you have probably guessed by the name of this second bonus round on Sopranos slots, free spins are involved. In this round there are four levels for you to try to work your way through; from soldier to capo. As a soldier in the first level you will receive 25 free spins plus a couple of extra wilds to help you on your way. The idea is of course to work your way up to capo, as on the Sopranos slots, each level represents higher winnings and the capos, as usual, receive the lion’s share.