Sopranos Slots with Ranked Bonuses

Posted on January 02, 2014

sopranos slotsOn these slot machines there are several bonus rounds to be played but the round you play will usually depend on the rank that you have attained within the family. The family ranks that you can attain on the Sopranos slots are soldier, capo, boss and family but you will always start to play in the rank of soldier and progress to the other ranks depending on how many times you have triggered the bonus round.

You will play the bonus round three times in the rank of soldier and then for the forth time of playing, you will automatically have been promoted to capo. Once again, you will automatically be promoted to boss for playing the bonus round for the 7th time. Then finally for the 10th time of playing the bonus round, you will have been promoted to the rank of family.

Stolen Goods
Although the main bonus round that you play will be dependent on what rank you have reached, there is another bonus round that can be triggered regardless of your rank and that bonus round is called the stolen goods round. This stolen goods bonus round shows you several containers and although you don’t know what is in each individual container, you are shown a list of the total contents. You are allowed, initially to choose one container but if after having checked its contents, you think you could have done better, you are allowed to swap it twice.

Ranked Bonus Rounds
The bonus round that you will play in the rank of soldier has 25 free spins, plus a possibility of acquiring a further 5. The bonus round that you will play in the rank of capo has 20 free spins and although these free spins start with a multiplier of x2, it is possible through the course of the round to increase this multiplier to x5. The round played in the rank of boss has 10 free spins but extra wilds would have been added to the reels and there is a chance of earning a further 5 free spins. The rank of family sees a bonus round of 10 free spins but the reels have fewer symbols on them, making the wins easier to find.

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