Sopranos Slots with Container Action

Posted on November 23, 2013

play sopranos slotIn these slot machines there is a bonus round that features some stolen containers and you get to pick which container you would like to receive. The Sopranos slots are slot machines that are based on the popular TV series The Sopranos which is about the dealings of a crime family. Among this family’s escapades are dealings with stolen containers and if you are able to trigger the bonus round on Sopranos Slots, you too can join in on this activity. Once triggered, the bonus round on Sopranos Slots shows you a list of contents for several containers but doesn’t tell which container contains which listed item. You are then invited by the Sopranos Slots to choose one of the containers but if you don’t like your first choice, you are permitted to change containers a maximum of two times but must then remain with the contents you have.

On the Sopranos Slots the bonus rounds that you play are dependant on your rank in the family. There are four ranks in all and you play the first three bonus rounds in the rank of soldier and then the next set of three in the rank of capo. Bonus rounds seven to nine on the Sopranos Slots are played in the rank of boss and then finally for the tenth bonus round, you play in the rank of family, the highest of the ranks attainable.

As a soldier, on Sopranos Slots, your bonus round will contain 25 free spins with the opportunity to win a further 5. As a capo, the bonus round contains 20 free spins but here you have the chance to win multipliers of 2 or even as many as 5.

Playing Sopranos Slots bonus rounds in the rank of boss will allow you 10 free spins but before the free spins start, several of the symbols on the reel s will be turned into wilds ensuring that the free spins have a better chance of producing wins. Finally on getting to play bonus rounds on Sopranos Slots in the rank of family, many of the symbols on the reels will be removed before you are awarded 10 free spins.

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