Sopranos Slots are Full of Crime Family Action

Posted on November 03, 2013

play sopranos slotThese slot machines follow the dealings of a crime family, as portrayed on the popular TV series The Sopranos. All the main characters from the series are depicted in the form of symbols, on the reels of the Sopranos slots and they play a role in some of the winning situations.

Sopranos Slots
What perhaps makes Sopranos Slots stand out from other slot machines is the fact that there are ranks allocated to you as you play. Each rank involves you playing a different bonus round and it is the number of bonus rounds that you have played, that determines your rank. The first three bonus rounds are played in the rank of soldier and then bonus rounds four to six are played in the rank of capo. After that, on Sopranos Slots, you play rounds seven to nine in the rank of boss before finally playing the tenth and further rounds in the rank of family.

When you play Sopranos Slots in the rank of soldier, the bonus round has 25 free spins with extra free spins being awarded if you can get the Christopher symbol on the center reel. The rank of capo on Sopranos Slots will see you playing a bonus round of 20 free spins with a multiplier of 2 but if you can get the Paul symbol showing on the reels during this round, the multiplier can reach as high as x5.

Sopranos Slots gives you 10 free spins for the bonus round in the rank of boss but these spins do not start until after several extra wilds have been added to the reels. Finally on the tenth time of playing a bonus round on Sopranos Slots, you get to play in the rank of family and for this the Sopranos Slots again award you 10 free spins. This time though, as well as extra wilds being placed on the reels, many of the other symbols have been removed, giving you a very high percentage chance of attaining a win with every spin.

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