Sopranos Slot Offer a Taste of Crime

Posted on March 13, 2014

play sopranos slotThis slot machine is based on the popular TV series about a fictional crime family and so when you play you get to join the family and get a taste of some of that crime. The Sopranos slot doesn’t of course make you break the law, merely share in some of the exciting antics that the family takes part in, like stolen goods.

Stolen Goods
Although most of the bonus rounds played on this slot will depend on the rank that you hold within the family, there is one, the stolen goods round, that is played regardless of your rank. This round is triggered when you get three or more of the stolen goods symbols on the reels and once triggered, shows you several containers from which you can choose one. If after inspecting your selected container, you are not happy, you are permitted to exchange it but no more than twice.

Your rank in the family is determined by how many bonus rounds you have played and for the first 3; you play in the rank of soldier and then get promoted to capo for 3 more rounds. Once you reach boss you will again play 3 rounds in that rank before being promoted to family. Although any of the rounds can provide, potentially, with bountiful wins, they are all different.

The round played as soldier has 25 free spins and also affords you the opportunity to increase these by a further 5. The 3 rounds played as capo have slightly less, with 20 free spins but these spins come with a multiplier of at least x2 and a possibility of increasing it to x5. On the 7th time that you get three or more of the Sopranos logos to trigger the bonus round you get 10 free spins as boss but there are up to 5 extra wilds added to the reels before the free spins start. Finally on the 10th time of triggering the bonus round, you play as family with 10 free spins but not before many of the symbols have been removed from the reels, making the wins easier to find.

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