Sopranos Slot Introduces you to Crime

Posted on December 23, 2013

play sopranos slotThis slot machine introduces you to a life of crime as it is based on the popular TV series about a crime family. The Sopranos slot has you following the actions of this famous TV crime family including offering you the chance to receive some stolen goods. This is done by way of a stolen goods bonus round that can be triggered at any time whilst you are playing the game. In this round you are shown several containers and you are allowed to choose one for yourself. If, after learning the contents of your chosen container, you are not very happy, the Sopranos Slot will allow you to change the container a maximum of two times.

As in any organization, there are ranks within the crime family and in this case the ranks are ‘soldier’, ‘capo’, ‘boss’ and ‘family’ and the other bonus rounds that you play on this machine will depend on your rank at the time when they are triggered. Your rank will automatically be increased with the number of bonus rounds that you play.

Bonus Rounds
As a soldier, the bonus round that you will play consists of 25 free spins and although this round cannot be retriggered, you could win an additional 5 free spins. The bonus round that you play as a capo has 20 free spins with a multiplier of 2, however during the playing of this round you could increase that multiplier to as mush as 5. When you trigger the bonus round as a boss, your round will have 10 free spins but there would have been some extra wilds added to the reels and you will have the opportunity to increase your round by an additional 5 free spins. When you finally reach the rank of family and get to trigger the bonus round, you will again receive 10 fee spins but before they start, the number of different symbols on the reels will have been greatly reduced, plus any wins that involve the use of any of the wild symbols will be doubled.

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