Sopranos Slot has a Favorite Crime Family

Posted on December 03, 2013

sopranos slotThe hit TV drama series The Sopranos featured a crime family that became a favorite family for millions of TV viewers. It is the same TV crime family that is the theme for Sopranos slot, a modern, exciting game of slots. As in the TV family and other crime families, the family on Sopranos slot has ranks within the family and just as in life; you have to earn your way up the family rankings.

On the Sopranos slot the family ranks are soldier, capo, boss and family and you will always start in the rank of soldier. The more that you play the game the higher the Sopranos slot will rank you and it is depending on what rank it is that you have attained that will decide which bonus round that you will play when you trigger a bonus round. There is one separate bonus round that is always played in the same way regardless of rank though. This bonus round that is oblivious of rank on the Sopranos slot is the stolen goods round and in this round you are shown several containers. Although you are shown a list of what is contained in the containers, you are not shown what is in which, yet you must choose one of the containers for yourself. As the Sopranos slot knows that you could make a bad choice, it will allow you two opportunities to change the container but then you must stay with what you have.

Ranked Bonus Rounds
As a soldier on the Sopranos slot you will play a bonus round that consists of 25 free spins with an opportunity to win a further 5 free spins. Playing a bonus round in the rank of capo on the Sopranos slot will see you playing around that contains 20 free spins with a multiplier of 2 but the chance to raise this to 5.

As boss on Sopranos slot you play a bonus round that has 10 free spins but not before extra wilds have been added to the reels. Eventually you will reach the rank of family and when you play the bonus round on Sopranos slot in this rank, you will get 10 free spins but there will be fewer symbols on the reels, making the wins easier to get.

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