Sopranos Slot Features Stolen Goods

Posted on October 29, 2013

play sopranos slotAt any time you play this slot machine there is a stolen goods bonus round available. This bonus round on the Sopranos slot is triggered by the stolen goods symbol on the reels and if you trigger it, you will be shown several containers from which you pick one. Although none of the containers are marked with what they contain, there is a list available of the contents in the containers. If having revealed the contents of your chosen container, you are not happy the Sopranos Slot allows you to change your container a maximum of two times.

The Sopranos Slot is based on the popular TV series about a crime family and so the machine follows in a manner typical of a crime family life style and that means that there is a family rank system in place. The ranks on the Sopranos Slot are ‘Soldier’, ‘Capo’, ‘Boss’ and ‘Family’ each one of course, earning their own income.

This slot therefore has a different bonus round for each rank and those rounds are as follows;

As a Soldier, the bonus round consists of 25 free spins but in this round, as all the main characters are represented on the reels in the form of symbols, one of them is a wild and if you get his symbol appear on the reels during this round, you can earn a further 5 free spins.

When you are playing in the rank of Capo and get the bonus round, you will receive 20 free spins and once again, depending on a certain character appearing on the reels, you could earn a multiplier of between 2 and 5.

As a Boss on the Sopranos slot, the bonus round will see you playing 10 free spins but before these spins start, extra wilds will have been placed on the reels, to afford easier access to the wins available.

Finally, playing the bonus round as Family will see you once again playing 10 free spins but before this round on Sopranos slot starts, many of the symbols on the reels will have been removed, meaning that there is a far higher percentage of winning spins available.

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