Sopranos Slot a Mafioso Game

Posted on January 17, 2014

play sopranos slotThis game is all about the exploits of a crime family. The Sopranos slot is themed on the popular TV series about a crime family and their daily activities and so it is hardly surprising that one of the bonus rounds is called The Stolen Goods Bonus Round.

There are several bonus rounds on this slot machine and to the most part it depends on what rank within the family that you have attained, which determines which of the bonus rounds that you play. In fact it is only the stolen goods round that is played regardless of what rank you are. This bonus round is triggered when you get a stolen goods symbol on reels 1 and 5. Once triggered, this bonus round will show you a set of stolen containers and although it will also show you a list of the contents of the containers, it won’t show which container holds what. You then make a decision as to which container you would like to take and although you are only allowed to keep one, having looked at what your chosen container holds, you can exchange it up to a maximum of two times.

As mentioned, the other bonus rounds are played depending on your rank and there are four ranks within the family, soldier, capo, boss and family. You will start the game in the rank of soldier and when you have played several bonus rounds in that rank, you will automatically be promoted to capo. Having played several bonus rounds as capo you are promoted to boss and then finally, for the 10th time of playing a bonus round, you will attain the rank of family.

Each of these ‘ranked’ bonus rounds are different but they are always triggered in the same way by getting three or more of the Sopranos logo symbols on the reels.

The crime family is like any other family or business; the further up the rankings you are, the more you can make and so obviously as you attain a higher rank, the potential of making more winnings is greater.

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