Play Sopranos Slots with Tony and the Family

Posted on February 16, 2014

sopranos slotThese slot machines are based on Tony Sopranos crime family from the TV series. When you play Sopranos slots, you will see that most of the family members are represented by symbols on the reels and they can all contribute to you getting some wins as you play. A crime family is an organization and so it is necessary for there to be ranks within the family and these slots acknowledge that by having you play in certain ranks. Your rank on these slots is determined by the number of times you play the main bonus round and you play each round 3 times before getting promoted. You start as a soldier, advance to capo, then get promoted to boss and finally reach family.

Bonus Rounds
Each bonus round is different; depending on your rank and so as a soldier you will play 25 free spins. An extra wild will have been added to the reels for the round, plus it is possible to gain another 5 free spins whilst playing the round. 20 is the number of free spins you receive in the bonus round as capo and although these free spins start with a multiplier of x2, it can be in creased to x5. The boss bonus round has only 10 free spins but that is plenty with which to get wins considering that there would have been as many as 5 extra wilds added to the reels, besides, you may be able to earn an extra 5 free spins during the round. You may be surprised, having waited, to see that the family bonus round only contains 10 free spins but these free spins are played on reels that have had many of the symbols removed, making the wins easier. Wins with wild symbols during this round will pay double, helping you still further.

Stolen Goods
By getting 3 stolen goods symbols on the reels, you can trigger a bonus round that is independent of your rank. This bonus round remains the same and consists of you choosing one from a group of stolen containers.

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