Play Sopranos Slots with Stolen Goods

Posted on September 14, 2013

play sopranos slotThese slot machines have a ‘Stolen Goods’ bonus round in which you can increase you earnings. Although when you play Sopranos slots the bonus round that you will usually play is dependent on which rank you have obtained, there is a stolen goods round that can be played at any stage or rank throughout the game as long as you get a stolen goods symbol on reels 1 and 5.

This stolen goods bonus round when you play Sopranos slots consists of you being shown a number of containers and although you cannot see what each container may hold, you are shown a list of what the contents of the containers are. You first choose one container and check its contents and having compared it to the total list of contents of the containers, you decide you would like to change it, you can but only twice and then you are left with that container; whether it is better or worse than your first one.

The game that you play on the next bonus round depends on what rank you have attained since you started to play Sopranos slots. Initially you will play the “Soldier” bonus round but only three times as then you will be promoted to “Capo” and play three of those bonus rounds before again getting promoted, this time to “Boss”. When you play Sopranos slots, you will then play three bonus rounds as “Boss’ before finally being promoted to the rank “Family” in which the rest of the bonus rounds are played.

When you play Sopranos slots the “Soldier” round has 25 free spins in which to try and increase your winnings and if you obtain the right symbols during this round, you could increase that number of free spins by 5.

The “Capo” round when you play Sopranos slots is a 20 free spin round but has a multiplier of 2 for any wins. During this round it is possible to increase the multiplier up to a 5.

Although the “Boss” round only consists of 10 free spins, extra wilds are added between each spin increasing your chances of winning with every spin.

When you play Sopranos slots and reach the rank of “Family”, a lot of the symbols on the reels are removed enabling you to easily find wins and once that has been done, 10 free spins are awarded.

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