Play Sopranos Slots with Free Spin Action

Posted on January 07, 2014

mafiaAlthough on these slot machines, you will play a different bonus round for each rank that you attain, all of these ranked bonus rounds feature free spins which are both popular and lucrative. You will start to play Sopranos slots in the rank of soldier and then when you have played three bonus rounds in that rank, you will be advanced to capo for the playing of the fourth bonus round. Once again you will play three bonus rounds, this time in the rank of capo, before being promoted to boss for the seventh time of playing the bonus round. Again, after playing three rounds in the rank of boss, you will be promoted to family for the tenth.

As earlier stated, all these bonus rounds feature free spins and the actual breakdown of the rounds is that as a soldier, you will receive 25 free spins with the chance to earn a further 5. As a capo you will receive 20 free spins at a multiplier of x 2 for any wins attained. In this round as capo though, you will get the opportunity to increase that multiplier to x 5.

The bonus rounds played in the rank of boss only have 10 free spins but before they start to play, extra wilds are added to the reels, making the wins come more frequently. Finally the rank of family sees you again playing only 10 free spins but this time apart from extra wilds on the reels, the types of symbols on the reels would have been greatly reduced, again making the wins a lot easier to find than even in the boss rounds.

Stolen Goods
There is one additional bonus round on the Sopranos Slots that remains the same regardless of your rank and that is the stolen goods round. This bonus round does not involve free spins but instead you are asked to chose one from several containers that you are shown. All these containers contain wins but some are better than others and so if you are not happy with your first choice, you will be allowed to change a maximum of two times.

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