Play Sopranos Slots the Crime Family Game

Posted on July 05, 2013

sopranos slotThere was a popular TV series showing, that featured the exploits of a fictional crime family and the name of this family was the Sopranos. As it was so popular, it has been missed by many since it stopped but now though, for those who crave more of these illegal antics or for those who just crave some added excitement, you can play Sopranos slots and once again share in some of their escapades.

The Sopranos slots have been themed on the popular TV series and so the symbols on the reels depict some of the major characters from the show. These symbols plus video clips from the series being played on a screen, help to bring to life the excitement experienced by this family, when you play Sopranos slots.

Family Ranks
The importance of any of the family members is based on a rank system in the crime family and obviously the higher you are, the more important you are and the better share of any ill gotten gains you will receive. Working on that thesis, when you play Sopranos slots there are four levels of rank that you can work your way up and through. The lowest of the ranks is soldier and this is the one you start at when you play Sopranos slots. From there, depending on how many times you are able to trigger the appropriate bonus round, you can advance up through capo and boss to finally attain family status.

When you play Sopranos slots as a soldier, your bonus round will have 25 free spins. Once you reach the capo stage, your bonus round then contains 20 free spins but a multiplier of X2 to X5 is added to any wins. Play Sopranos slots and attain the rank of boss, your bonus round will first add some wilds and a multiplier symbol to the reels and then give you 10 free spins.

It is obviously considered best, when you play Sopranos slots, to reach the esteemed rank of family and when you do this, when you reach the bonus round many of the losing symbols will be removed from the reels and extra winning ones will be added, making a win almost as easy as saying ‘Bada Bing’ during the 10 free spins awarded.