Play Sopranos Slots and Earn Your Rank

Posted on January 27, 2014

sopranos slotsOn these slot machines just as in the TV series about a crime family, on which the slots are based, the family have their own ranking system which consists of four ranks; soldier, capo, boss and family. When you play Sopranos slots, you get promoted only after you have played so many bonus rounds.

Bonus Rounds
Although the free spin bonus round that you play on these slots is dependant on the rank that you hold at the time, there are two additional bonus rounds that you can play at any time, regardless of what rank you hold. The first of these additional bonus rounds is the ‘Bada Bing’ round. In this round, playing as one character, you receive wins as you meet others. The second of the additional bonus rounds is the ‘stolen goods’ round. This round allows you to keep one from a selection of several stolen containers. If however, after having examined the contents of the container you chose, you do not like your decision, you can change the container up to two times.

Free Spins
The free spin bonus round is the round that you must play a certain amount of times in order to get promoted and the actual round changes with each promotion. As a soldier, the free spin bonus round has 25 free spins and in addition to that has an opportunity to win a further 5 free spins. In the rank of capo, the free spins bonus round has 20 free spins and although these free spins start with a multiplier of x2, you have the opportunity to increase this multiplier to x5.

Although the free spins bonus round in the rank of boss only has 10 free spins, extra wilds will be added to the reels before the spins start, plus you once again have an opportunity to earn a further 5 free spin.

As family you also only get 10 free spins but before these spins start, many of the symbols will have been removed from the reels, which will make finding the wins far easier.

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