Play Sopranos Slots and Dodge the Raids

Posted on October 24, 2013

sopranos slotsIn one of the bonus features on these slots, envelopes are hidden in any of four different sites but raids take place on two of the sites. If when you play Sopranos slots, there are any envelopes still remaining after the raids; you get to keep them.

When you play Sopranos Slots you will see that they are based on the popular TV series about a crime family and their daily antics; it is therefore no surprise to see the characters from the series on these slots. There is Johnny, Artie, Paulie, Christopher, Booby and Tony, all represented as symbols on the reels and all coming together to try and formulate winning combinations for you.

Family Life
Apparently a crime family is much the same as a regular family in so far as there are those that run the family and then there are those that are just part of it but in a crime family they actually refer to each of these by a rank. The ranks in a crime family are Soldier, Capo, Boss and the highest being Family.

Apart from the special feature mentioned above, there are three bonus rounds when you play Sopranos Slots, one of which depends on what rank you have attained, to determine what the round will actually consist of. Playing this round as a soldier, you will receive 25 free spins whilst playing it as a Capo you will receive 20 free spins but any wins will be subject to a multiplier of up to x5. When you reach this bonus round in the rank of Boss, the round will allow you 16 free spins but before it starts, extra wilds will have been added to the reels. Finally, when you attain the rank of Family before you reach this round, many of the symbols on the reels are removed to make the wins far easier to attain and only then are you awarded 10 free spins, almost guaranteeing that the round will be a winner for you.

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