Play Sopranos Slots and Deal with Stolen Goods

Posted on October 04, 2013

play sopranos slotThese slot machines are based on the antics of a crime family and so it was probably inevitable that you would be dealing with stolen goods at one time or another. When you play Sopranos slots there is a bonus round available that is called the stolen goods bonus round. In this round you will be shown several containers and a list of prizes that are contained in the containers but they will not be matched together. You have to select one of the containers to determine what your prize is. If however, you have picked your container which would have then revealed its contents, you check the list and think that you could have done better, you will be allowed to swap it a maximum of two times but then you will be left with whatever is in that third container.

Although the stolen goods bonus round can be played at any time regardless of your rank, when you play Sopranos slots, the other bonus rounds that you play will be determined depending on what rank you have attained. You start in the rank of soldier and then after having played three bonus rounds that consist of 25 free spins, you will be promoted to capo. As capo you play another three rounds of 20 free spins and a multiplier between x2 and x5 before you get promoted to the rank of boss. The last rank to attain when you play Sopranos slots is family, which is arrived at after playing three rounds as boss. For the boss rounds extra wilds would have been added to the reels before you are given 10 free spins. Once you reach the bonus rounds played as family, the round consists of 10 free spins but only awarded after a lot of the symbols have been removed from the reels, making wins far easier.

When you play Sopranos slots with the bonus rounds being played in the various ranks, plus the stolen goods round being played at any time, who said that crime can’t pay?

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