Play Sopranos Slots and become a Crime Family

Posted on August 15, 2013

sopranos slotsThe Sopranos is a popular TV series about a crime family and their everyday activities. When you play Sopranos slots, which are based on this series, you join the family and starting at the bottom as a soldier, you advance in rank; by the number of times you reach the bonus round, through the ranks of capo and boss until you become a family yourself.

Just like most other things in life, the higher you rise, the better things are and so when you play Sopranos slots, the higher the rank you attain, the better the winning potentials.

Firstly during regular play at any rank, there is a stolen goods bonus round that offers a chance of some good earnings. In this round when you play Sopranos slots, you are shown several containers and on the left of the screen will be shown 10 cash prizes that are available to be won in the containers. You first select one container but if you are not happy with its contents you are allowed to swap it twice in the hope of finding better contents.

The second of the bonus rounds is played differently depending on your rank. As a soldier, the bonus round consists of 25 free spins with the chance to add 5 more.

When you play Sopranos slots bonus round as a capo, the round contains 20 free spins with a multiplier of X2 but the opportunity exists to increase the multiplier.

As a boss when you play Sopranos slots, the bonus round has 10 free spins but only after some extra wilds have been added and then round also offers a chance to increase the free plays by 5.
Finally, when you play Sopranos slots, you reach the bonus round as family. At this time you will receive 10 free spins but the variety of symbols on the reels would have been greatly reduced, plus any win that includes the wild symbol, will pay double.

So after you play Sopranos slots, you can say that you have experienced the crime family life and hopefully won from the encounter.

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