Play Sopranos Slot with Tony and Family

Posted on August 10, 2013

play sopranos slotTony is one member of a fictitious crime portrayed on a TV series called the Sopranos. When you play Sopranos slot, as was based on this TV series, you join the family and take part in their dubious antics. As a crime family, their characters are all portrayed as symbols on the reels of the slot and to set you in the right mood, clips from the series are played on an overhead video whilst the game is in play.

Sopranos Slot
When you play Sopranos Slot, you see it is a 5 reel slot with an option to play up to 25 pay lines. Differing from most slots, when you play Sopranos Slot, you play through 4 modes that are considered to be ranks in the family, there is ‘soldier’, the rank you start at and then you up to ‘capo’, from there to ‘boss’ and finally to ‘family’. Each of these modes or ranks, have their own bonus rounds and so hopefully, the higher you raise in rank, the higher your rewards will be. There is though one bonus round that can be played at anytime container symbols show up on reels 1 and 5. When you play Sopranos Slot, these symbols indicate the start of the stolen goods bonus round and you are shown ten containers and a list of ten sets of winnings to one side. You pick one container but if you are not satisfied with that, you are permitted to change your container twice.

Bonus Rounds
So the bonus rounds when you play Sopranos Slot are dependent on how far you have progressed in the game. In the first three bonus rounds you play as a soldier and the round consists of 25 free spins but getting a wild on the center reel, can add 5 more.

The second of the bonus rounds when you play Sopranos Slot, comes into play on the 4th time of reaching the bonus and it has 20 free spins with a multiplier of X2 but if the Paul symbol appears on the reels, the multiplier can increase.

The 7th time of reaching the bonus round when you play Sopranos Slot will bring you to the boss round and here you get 10 free spins but extra wilds are added between spins and if you get a multiplier symbol on the center reel, you can earn 5 more spins.

The last of the bonus rounds when you play Sopranos Slot has 10 free spins but the number of symbols is greatly reduced, making the wins far easier.