Play Sopranos Slot and Climb the Family Ladder

Posted on September 09, 2013

sopranos slotsBased on a crime family, when you play this slot machine you have to advance in the rank of the family in order to achieve the bigger wins. Play Sopranos slot and you will see that it is based on the fictional crime family from the popular TV series and has as symbols on its reels, all the family members, plus through the showing of video clips from the series and the use of some excellent graphics, it has created an atmosphere that any criminal family would feel at home in.

The ranks in the crime family when you play Sopranos Slot, start at soldier and rise through capo and boss to finally become family. Promotions through these ranks occur by the number of times that you successfully reach the bonus round and it is the bonus round that changes de pending on which rank you have attained. You play Sopranos Slot as a soldier for the first three bonus rounds and then the next three as a capo, after that you play three more rounds at the rank of boss before finally playing the rest of the bonus ranks in the rank of family.

When you play Sopranos Slot in the rank of soldier the bonus round is 26 free spins with the possibility of earning an extra 5. Whilst you play Sopranos Slot in the rank of capo the bonus round consists of 20 free spins and a multiplier of 2 but that multiplier can be improved on during the playing of the round.

When you play Sopranos Slot bonus round for the 7th time, you will be in the rank of boss and so the round will have 10 free spins but between each spin extra wilds will be added making the wins increasingly easier to obtain. It is also possible in this round to earn a further 5 free spins.

Finally, for the tenth time of reaching the bonus round as you play Sopranos Slot, you reach the rank of family and so before the round even starts, a lot of the symbols are removed from the reels in order to make the wins far easier to find and then you are given 10 free spins where any win with a wild will be doubled.

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