Play Soprano Slot with the Mob

Posted on April 26, 2013

play sopranos slotThe Soprano TV series is based on the, anything but the regular, daily life of a family connected to the mob. When you play Sopranos slot, you join that family complete with all the suspense, intrigue and excitement that that entails.

This is a video slot and so when you play Sopranos slot, you are not only surrounded by reels full of the characters from the series but also there are video clips that play during the game, to really give you the sense of being in among them.

The Game
This is a 5 reel slot and when you play Soprano slot you are offered the chance to play 25 winning lines. It is based on the hit TV series and continuously shows exciting clips from the show. It has been criticized as not having a very high maximum payout at 3000 coins but the critics were silenced by the regularity of smaller amounts won, which ultimately build into huge payouts. The build up of these payouts is probably due to the exciting and bountiful bonus features.

Bonus Features
When you play Soprano slot even the bonus rounds have appropriate names to keep you in the mood. One is called the ‘Stolen Goods Bonus Game’, and to reach here you have to have the stolen goods symbol on both the 1st and the 5th reels.

In this round you pick a character, and then a short video is shown of that character meeting with Tony, if the meeting goes OK you will win and pick a next character but if the “Don” shows up after the clip, then the round is over.

Another unique and exciting round is the “Crime Family Free Games” and starts you as a ‘Soldier’ with 25 free spins, the aim of this round is to work your way up the ranks through ‘Capo” to ‘Boss’, obviously each climb not only awards you more free spins but also bigger winnings.

When you play Sopranos slot, you don’t have to actually join the crime family but with the spoils that you take home, people may think you have.