On these Slots many Wins come from Stolen Goods

Posted on November 08, 2014

play sopranos slotOn these slots the bonus round that you will usually play will be one dependent on the rank you hold within the family but there is one exception, the stolen goods bonus round, this can be triggered at any time at any rank. When you play Sopranos slot you will see several of the characters from the TV series on which these slots are themed, as symbols on the reels. The TV series is about the antics of a crime family and so when you play these slots you become one of the family, even as far as being given a rank within it. Your starting rank is soldier but you can advance through capo and boss to become family. Each of the ranks has its own bonus round and when you trigger the main bonus round, you play the round that corresponds to your rank.

As a soldier, the corresponding bonus round will award you with 25 free spins. In this round the Chris symbol on the reels can earn you 5 extra free spins but it must show up on the reels in a certain place in order to do so.

The round corresponding to capo has 20 free spins but the wins have a minimum multiplier of x 2, going up to a multiplier of x 5 if the Pauli symbol appears on the reels often enough.

The bonus round that corresponds to the rank of boss has only 10 free spins but extra wilds will have been added to the reels, hopefully ensuring that you still get ample wins and once again it is possible to earn an additional 5 free spins.

The family bonus round is like no other, many of the symbols have been removed from the reels before you start play and that too, should hopefully lead to a bountiful number of wins.

The stolen goods round is played any time 3 or more stolen goods symbols appear on the reels and allows you to choose one from several containers all containing wins of varying sizes.

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