Not Only Gangsters Play Sopranos Slot

Posted on April 11, 2013

mafiaIf you are not a gangster but sometimes you feel like you would like to know how it feels to be one, there may be an answer. You don’t have to be a gangster to play Sopranos slot but when you play it, you may feel like one.

Soprano slots puts a new face on slot machine playing, known as a video slots, it shows videos from the hit TV series above the reels during play. This takes you out of your surroundings and places you in a world of gangsters with all their excitement and thrills.

When you play Soprano slots, the action doesn’t stop with the video, the game itself has all the excitement you have come to expect from a 5 reel, 20 winning line game. The characters from the series are right on the reels, bringing the action even closer to home.

Bonus Features
There is one area in which this game does not stray from the normal and that is bonus features. As is normal with popular slots, the extra excitement of a bonus round has almost become mandatory but to have several bonus rounds, which is the case when you play Soprano slots, makes it even more outstanding.

As I have said, there are several bonus rounds on Soprano slots but in keeping with the theme I won’t disclose them all here as that would take the element of suspense away from the total enjoyment found when you play Soprano slots.
Just to give you a taste of the action though, here are a couple of the bonus features.

Stolen Goods Bonus can be attained by getting the stolen goods symbol on both the 1st and 5th reels. You will be invited to pick a character and having done that a video clip will play. If your character gets to meet the Don in the clip, you win. If he doesn’t get to meet the Don, then you’ll be invited to pick a new character.

Crime Family Free Games is a bonus round where you start off as a soldier in the gang with 25 free spins. You are then, during the course of play, afforded the chance to move up through four levels, with extra wilds to help.

When you play Soprano slots, the game itself, the videos and the assortment of bonus features assure that your time in the world of gangsters is not boring.