Join the World of Crime on these Slots

Posted on May 17, 2015

sopranos slotThe Sopranos are the famous TV crime family made popular from the thriller series and it is that family which these slots have been themed on. This means that the Sopranos slots will take you into the world of crime and hopefully allow you to have a profitable experience, showing you that, at least on these slots, crime can pay. The familiar members of the crime family are placed on the reels as symbols along with some others that are true to the theme.

A crime family is a business and just like any other business, there are ranks and so you have to start at the bottom and hopefully work your way to the top. On these slots you start in the rank of soldier, advance to capo and then to boss before eventually reaching the top rank of family. Each rank has its own bonus round to play and only after you have played your rank’s bonus round several times, will you be promoted. There is however, one extra bonus round that can be played whatever your rank is and that is the stolen goods bonus round. This round is triggered when you get at least3 of the stolen goods symbols and when it is triggered, regardless of your rank, you play it. This bonus round consists of you being shown 10 containers of stolen goods. Without knowing the contents of any, you may select one container as your share of the take but if you are not happy with your selection, you can change it but only once.

The other bonus rounds are as follows:
Soldier: This bonus round awards the soldier 25 free spins and for the duration of this round only, the Chris symbol on the reels will be a wild symbol.
Capo: There are 20 free spins awarded in this round but there are no extra wilds however, it is possible during the course of this round, to earn a multiplier of up to x5.
Boss: This round only awards 10 free spins but it places as many as 5 extra wilds on the reels.
Family: Most of the symbols are taken off the reels before the 10 free spins for this round are awarded.

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