Join the Mafioso on Sopranos Slot

Posted on July 28, 2013

play sopranos slotA mafia crime family was depicted in the popular TV series the Sopranos. Now you can get the opportunity to feel what it would be like to be part of that family by playing Sopranos Slot. The Sopranos slot is based on the TV series and so its reels are filled with symbols that depict characters from this hit TV series. As you play this exciting slot you get to experience some of the criminal activities they were involved in and witness for yourself the excitement and suspense attached to them.

Sopranos Slot
The Sopranos Slot is a modern 5 reel slot which affords the opportunity to play up to 25 winning lines. The machine uses some excellent graphics that are all in HD to assist in bringing realism to the atmosphere and game.

As you may guess, a crime family do not do things in the regular way and so the bonus rounds on the Sopranos Slot reflect this by making your way through them one at a time and are characterized by being associated with different levels within the family.

The first 3 bonus rounds on the Sopranos Slot are played as a ‘soldier’ and gives you 26 free spins but an extra wild is added during this round and if it appears on the middle reel, it will award you 5 extra free spins.
The 4th and up of the bonus rounds on Sopranos Slot is played as a ‘capo’ and awards you 20 free spins with a multiplier of between 2 and 5, once again depending on how often a certain symbol appears.

The 7th bonus round on Sopranos Slot will see you playing as ‘boss’ and here up to 5 extra wilds are added and you are given 10 free spins but get a multiplier symbol on the middle reel can 10 more free spins.

On the Sopranos Slot you play as ‘family’ from your 10th bonus round. As you may expect, this round has the potential to really pay out big time. Firstly the amount of different symbols on the reels are greatly reduced and then you are given 10 free spins but during this round of the Sopranos Slot, when a wild symbol appears on the reels it will automatically double your win.