Join the Family on these Slots

Posted on April 07, 2014

sopranos slotThe famous TV crime family is the theme for these slot machines and so when you play them, you are invited to join the family in their daily activities. The Sopranos slots feature all the family members as symbols on their reels and all of them can play an active part in your wins. Like any organization, the crime family has a rank system and so when you join the family, you have to start at the bottom and work your way to the top. In the case of this family, the rank you start in is soldier and work your way through capo and boss to finally reach family, the highest rank. In order to get promoted, you must play three bonus rounds in your current rank and having done so, you will automatically be promoted in time to play the next bonus round. Although each of these ranked bonus rounds is different, they are all triggered by getting at least 3 of the Sopranos logo symbols on the reels.

25 free spins are contained in the bonus round you play as a soldier but the number of free spins can be increased by getting a Christopher symbol in the center of the middle reel.

There are 20 free spins in the bonus round that you play as capo but these free spins are linked to a multiplier of at least x2. During this round, the multiplier can reach as high as x5 if you can get enough of the Paulie symbols.

Although 10 may seem like a small number of free spins for the boss round, extra wilds are added to the reels after each spin and so the winnings are not short. These free spins can have 5 added to them if you are able to get the Tony symbol centered on the middle reel.

There are fewer symbols on the reels for the 10 free spins that are awarded in the bonus rounds played as family.

Apart from these bonus rounds, there is also a stolen goods bonus round that is triggered by 3 or more stolen goods symbols, regardless of your rank.

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