Join Criminals on these Slots

Posted on December 08, 2014

play sopranos slotWhilst playing these slots, you will be joining the members of a crime family and sharing in their exciting activities. The Sopranos slots are themed on the Sopranos, a fictional crime family that features on the exciting drama TV series which is very popular. Starting in the rank of soldier, you have to earn advancement first to capo and then to boss and if you continue to do well, you can even advance to the rank of family.

No matter how far along playing the game you are, there is always one bonus round that remains the same regardless of which rank you have attained and that bonus round is called the stolen goods round, with good reason. In this round you will be shown several containers which have been stolen and as a member of the family, you can choose the one that you want, unfortunately though, the contents won’t be shown to you until after you have made your selection.

The other bonus rounds are played dependent on the rank that you have attained at that time. A soldier’s bonus round contains 25 free spins but these spins are made more exciting and potentially higher paying by the Christopher Moltisanti symbol being an extra wild with the ability to win you a further 5 free spins. The capo round has 20 free spins but wins start with a multiplier of x 2 which can be increased depending on how many times the Pauli ‘Walnuts’ Gaultieri symbol appears on the reels.

The boss bonus round has only got 10 free spins but before these free spins start, 2 to 5 extra wilds are added to the reels and if one of these wilds appears on the centre reel, 5 additional free spins may be added. The family bonus round also has only 10 free spins but this time, before the spins start, all the symbols which aren’t either of a family member or a wild, are removed from the reels, making the wins far easier to come by an hopefully assuring that you have a rewarding experience.

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