Join Christopher and Pauli on this Slot

Posted on June 01, 2014

sopranos slotsThis slot is based on the popular TV crime family and so by playing this you get to share in their dubiously gotten gains. When you play Sopranos slot, Christopher, Pauli and the rest of the family are all there as symbols on the reels and when you join this family and play the slot, you have to start at the bottom in the rank of soldier and then work your way up through capo and boss to become family yourself. In order to get promoted in this family, you have to have played the main bonus round a certain amount of times and each time you do that you are automatically promoted. There are several bonus rounds to be played as each rank has its own but there is one additional bonus round, the stolen goods bonus round, which can be played at any time. Although this round can be regardless of what rank you are, unfortunately it doesn’t count as a round played for promotional purposes, only the specific bonus round for that rank counts to that.

The bonus round that you will play as a soldier has in it 25 free spins to start with but every time that you can get Christopher’s symbol in the middle reel, you can earn an additional 5 free spins.

As capo the round will consist of 20 free spins and starts off by adding a multiplier of x2 to any wins obtained during the round. If though, depending on how many times you can get the Pauli symbol, you could increase the multiplier to one as high as a x5.

The boss round has 10 free spins but has the added advantage of having some extra wilds placed on the reels before they start. You can earn an extra 5 free spins in this round every time you get a wild symbol in the centre of the reels.

As family, a lot of symbols are removed from the reels so as to allow for easier wins and then you are awarded 10 free spins with every win during them, paying double.

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