How to Play Slots

Really all you have to do as a player to ‘play’ slot machines is make a couple of decisions and then just sit back and watch. The first decision that you may have to make is how many pay lines that you want to play, the second thing is how much you want to bet on each pay line and then just press play.

Obviously the more pay lines that you play the more chances you have of winning. For instance if you play 5 pay lines, you have 5 times the chances of winning and so it almost like playing 5 spins all at once. The second choice as to how much you want to bet on each of the lines is a personal choice but as the slot machines usually pay out in multiples of the amount that you bet, to win more you have to bet more and remember that when a machine advertises its maximum payout or highest jackpot, that amount is assuming that you bet maximum on each line.

Every slot from their humble beginnings to the latest high tech video slot machines have a RNG (Random Number Generator) and it is this, not anything that the player does that determines what symbols the reels will stop at. This RNG is embedded in the slot by the producers and then pre-set to a pay out percentage. Through the use of complicated Algorithms, the RNG then determines which symbols should appear on what pay lines. Obviously the RNG is also programmed to deal with the multiple choices that the player may have of number of pay lines, amount bet and any hold reel features that the specific slot machine may have.

So to play slot machines it really is easy, so perhaps the question should be how to play slot machines and win?

That of course is a totally different question but the answer is perhaps as easy as playing the machine. As a the player’s interaction does not in any way affect the results that the RNG will provide, the only way to play slots and win, is to be playing the right machine at the right time.

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