Hang with the Bad Guys on this Slot

Posted on January 07, 2015

play sopranos slotThis slot machine is based on the antics of the famous fictional crime family from the popular TV series and so it is the characters from that family who you join, to share in some of their excitement, when you play this slot machine. The Sopranos slot starts you in the family rank of soldier but then allows you to slowly progress up through the ranks of capo and boss to finally reach the rank of family. Starting as a soldier, you have to play the main bonus round several times before you will be promoted to capo and then again, you will have to play that rank’s main bonus round several times before you advanced to the rank of boss. Once you have played the main boss bonus round, you will finally be promoted to family and become a well-respected Mafioso.

Each of the main bonus rounds you play in each rank is different but all can and often are very well paying. In the bonus round you play as a soldier, you will be awarded 25 free spins but this number can be increased by 5 if you can, during the playing of the 25 free spins, get a Chris symbol, which is an extra wild for the round, to appear on the centre reel.

The main bonus round as a capo consists of 20 free spins but any wins obtained during the round will be subject to a multiplier of 2. This multiplier can be increased to one of 5 but this time it is the Pauli symbol that you will need to get.

The boss bonus round awards just 10 free spins but before each of these spins between 2 and 5 extra wilds are added to the reels and if one of the wilds appears on the middle reel, you will earn yourself 5 extra free spins.

For the Family bonus round only scatter, wild and character symbols are kept on the reels to make the wins easier and only then are you awarded 10 free spins.

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