Get Raided when you Play Sopranos Slot

Posted on June 10, 2013

play sopranos slotIn one of the three bonus rounds on this slot, you have four packages, each containing multipliers but you get raided. When you play Sopranos slot, a raid will never take all the packages and so you get to keep which ever ones are left.

Another of the bonus round when you play Sopranos slot, consists of there being several containers on view and you decide which one you want to tale. All of the containers will contain a handsome reward but a few contain really huge wins and so choose carefully.

The rewards from the third of the bonus rounds varies on what rank in the crime family you have attained; the more times you play the bonus round, the higher your ranking in the family becomes. Obviously the higher ranking in the crime family that you are; the bigger the rewards are that you receive.

Sopranos Slots
The Sopranos slot is based on the popular TV series ‘The Sopranos’ about a crime family. This means that when you play Sopranos Slot, it is as if you have become one of the family. To add to the excitement of this 5 reel slot with its 25 winning lines, video clips, in HD, are played from the TV series as you play through the game. To further enhance the ‘family’ feeling, the symbols on the reels resemble characters of the TV series, which helps to take you away from the hum drum life style of a none family member.

When you play Sopranos Slot, you just become one of many, as it has become an incredibly popular machine, due perhaps in part to the ‘crime family’ theme but more likely because of the extraordinary variety of wagers that can be made. The minimum bet, if betting on all the winning lines is just 25p but if you prefer, you can bet as much as one thousand, two hundred and fifty pounds just on one spin. Obviously, the amount you bet will determine how much you win so don’t expect to win quite as much on a minimum bet as the five hundred thousand pounds that you could win with a maximum bet.

What ever the reason you decide to play Sopranos Slot remember; you are only playing a part as a crime family member and so whatever you make you can keep.