Get Connected with Sopranos Slots

Posted on April 23, 2013

sopranos slotsIf you had ever wondered what it would be like to have connections with a famous Crime Family; Wonder no more. The Sopranos slots are a range of slots that are based on the famous Soprano family of the TV series fame. Playing these games makes you feel that you are almost part of the family, with all the suspense and excitement that brings with it.

To help you absorb the mood, the reels are packed with characters from the series and as this is a video game, video clips are also shown. The clips on Sopranos slots are all from the hit series and all have been especially picked to enhance your mood and heighten your senses ready for the action.

The action is provided by the Sopranos slots themselves. They are 5 reel slots with up to 25 winning lines and an assortment of bonus rounds to help you win big and welcome you to this thriving family of crime.

One of the bonus rounds is aptly called the ‘Stolen Goods Bonus Game’ and this will have you, via a chosen character meeting Tony. The meeting of course is courtesy of a video clip. If the result of the meeting was good, which meant that the Don did not show up at the end of it, you will be invited to choose another character and meet Tony again.

Another exciting bonus that Sopranos slots provide is again aptly named ‘Crime Family Free Games’ and in this round free spins abound. This round is divided into parts and the object of the round is to successfully climb through each part to eventually reach the top. The round is based on the different rank levels within the family and so you start as a ‘soldier’ with 25 free spins and try and work your way up through ‘capo’ to in the end becoming the ‘boss’.

With this second bonus round Sopranos slots certainly shows you how being part of the crime family can bring rewards but the higher ranked you are, the higher the rewards can be.