Earn Your Rank on Sopranos Slots

Posted on October 14, 2013

sopranos slotsIn these games of slots you have to earn your rank to obtain chances to win bigger. The Sopranos slots provide a player with a rank determined by how many bonus rounds that they have played. You start with the rank of soldier and after playing three bonus rounds in that rank, the Sopranos slots promote you to the rank of capo. Once again, when you have played three bonus rounds, this time as the rank of capo, Sopranos slots promote you to boss. Then it will be another three rounds before Sopranos slots promote you to family the top rank attainable.

The Sopranos slots are based on the Sopranos family who starred in a major TV series. The characters in the series are members of a crime family and the excitement in the series is gained by following them on their shady business endeavors and that is what the Sopranos slots also try to do. One of the shady deals that are portrayed on the Sopranos slots appears in its ‘stolen goods’ bonus round. In this round, you are shown several containers and asked to pick one. Once you have chosen your container, you are shown its contents but if you are not totally happy with your choice, the Sopranos slots allow you to change it up to a maximum of two times.

Although the stolen goods bonus round can be played at any time on the Sopranos slots, the other bonus rounds that are played, are played de pendent on your rank.

When you play Sopranos slots bonus rounds in the rank of a soldier you get permitted 25 free spins. Playing in the rank of capo allows you 20 free spins but with a multiplier of somewhere between x2 and x5. Play the bonus rounds as a capo and the rounds will consist of 10 free spins but before you start these spins, extra wilds would have been added to the reels. Then finally playing in the rank of family will earn you 10 free spins but this time, before the spins start, many of the symbols have been removed from the reels.

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