Deal with Stolen Goods on Sopranos Slots

Posted on August 05, 2013

sopranos slotThis slot machine has a bonus round that finds you dealing with stolen goods. In the Sopranos slots ‘stolen goods’ bonus round, you are shown a short video clip where you meet a character named Tony. If the meeting goes on OK, uninterrupted, then you win and will see a next video where you meet someone else and so it goes until the Don appears, at which time the round ends.

Sopranos Slots
The Sopranos slots are based on the popular TV series about a crime family and what they get up to. So, in keeping with the theme, the symbols on the reels of the Sopranos slots, are of characters from the series, plus of course both clips from the series are shown as well as original clips, making the atmosphere one that a crime family would feel at home in.

One of the special features about the Sopranos slots is that they are played through different levels, meaning as you progress through the game, you get promoted in the family, so you start as a ‘soldier’, progress through ‘capo’ and ‘boss’ until you reach ‘family’ level’. All of these different levels on the Sopranos slots have their own bonus rounds.

Bonus Rounds
In the bonus round as a soldier on the Sopranos slots, you will receive 25 free spins with the opportunity of winning batches of 5 more free spins for getting the Christopher symbol in the middle of the center reel.

In the second of the levels on the Sopranos slots, the Capo level, the bonus round consists of 20 free spins with a multiplier of X2 but this multiplier can be increased if Paul appears on the reels during play.

The third level on Sopranos slots is the Boss level and here the bonus round consists of 10 free spins but only after extra wilds have been added to the reels. Once again there is a chance of increasing the number of free spins in batches of 5, if you can get a certain symbol to show on the reels.

The family level is the last one on the Sopranos slots and here the bonus round is 10 free spins but before they start, the number of different symbols on the reels are greatly reduced, making the wins easier and also any win that features a wild symbol pays double.