Crime is Kept in the Family on this Slot

Posted on April 27, 2014

sopranos slotsThis slot machine is based on the crime family TV series that became very popular and so the slot also tries to keep crime within the family. The Sopranos slots have four bonus rounds that depend on your rank within the family, as to which one is played. The top rank in the family is family and the lowest is Soldier with the ranks of Capo and Boss coming in between. You will, as with most rank systems, start at the bottom in the rank of soldier and as long as you remain in that rank, the bonus round that you will play will consist of 25 free spins. Crime, at least in the TV, version is profitable and so before this bonus round starts, an extra wild symbol is added to the reels to assure you extra wins. Once you attain the rank of capo, the bonus round that you play will have 20 free spins but instead of an extra wild being added for this round, any wins that you manage to obtain during the round, will be subject to a multiplier of between 2 and 5. Reaching the rank of boss means that once again the bonus round changes and this time the round it contains 10 free spins. In this round extra wilds are again added but it isn’t just one as in the soldier round, it is a minimum of 2 but could be as many as 5 extra wilds being added. Finally you will reach the rank of family where the bonus round is played with a far less variety of symbols on the reels, meaning that the wins are that much easier to drop into place during the 10 free spins awarded.

Regardless of your rank, there is one other bonus round that can be played. Called the stolen goods round, this is triggered when stolen goods symbols stop on both the 1st and the 5th reels. Here you are shown 10 containers and for your share you can choose one. As you are family, if you aren’t happy with your first choice, you can swap it a maximum of two times.

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