Crime Can Pay on the Sopranos Slots

Posted on July 20, 2013

play sopranos slotThe popular TV series the Sopranos is based on the story of a fictitious crime family. Now, through the spinning reels of the Sopranos slots you can join in the antics of this notorious family.

The Sopranos slots are based on the popular TV series and through an absorbing soundtrack and excellent graphics you are placed among the family with the opportunity to work your way up through the ranks from ‘soldier’ past ‘Capo’.

The different ranks of the family are recognized in the bonus rounds which you have to work your way up and through. How this is done on the Sopranos slots is that you play the first 3 bonus rounds as a soldier, then the 4th to the 6th as a Capo, the 7th to 9th as the Boss and eventually make ‘family’ status on the 10th round. Obviously the further you progress and the higher rank you achieve, the more lucrative the winnings can be.

Bonus Rounds
The first bonus rounds consist of 25 free spins whilst the second set of bonus rounds on the Sopranos slots has 20 free spins but also gives a multiplier of between 2 and 5 for any wins. The third set of these bonus rounds consists of only 10 free spins but there are extra wilds in order to make the wins come more frequently. The final bonus rounds on the Sopranos slots also have 10 free spins but this time there are fewer symbols, once again making it far easier to obtain a winning combination.

Extra Feature
This is an exciting game and to keep up the action between bonus rounds there is, perhaps uniquely, a special feature that can also result in some pleasant winnings. This feature which is called the mystery raid bonus and is triggered randomly, requires you to hide four envelopes on the screen after which time a raid takes place, if the raid does not find all the envelopes, you get awarded the contents of the unfound envelopes which on the Sopranos slots are multipliers.