Climb the Ranks on Sopranos Slots

Posted on August 25, 2013

play sopranos slotThe bonus round that you play on these slot machines depend on what rank you are within the crime family. The crime family in this case is the Sopranos family, as seen on the TV series and of which Sopranos slots have been based.

For the purposes of the Sopranos slots there are four ranks within the family. The lowest rank, the one you start at on the Sopranos slots is soldier and in this rank you play 3 bonus rounds. At this rank the Sopranos slots allow you 25 free spins but by getting a Christopher symbol on the reels, you can increase that by 5 more free spins.

All the family members from the TV series are represented as symbols on the reels of the Sopranos slots and different family members may help you on different rounds.

The second rank to reach on the Sopranos slots and at which you play another 3 bonus rounds, is capo. In this round you get 20 free spins with a multiplier of X2. The family member who can help you in this round is Paul, if you can get his symbol on the reels, your multiplier will be increased.

Boss is the next rank on the Sopranos slots and at this rank, which you once again play three bonus rounds in, the bonus round is, after adding extra wilds to the reels, 10 free spins but it is possible to earn 5 more.

Finally on the Sopranos slot, you reach the rank of family and you play the rest of your bonus rounds with this rank. This bonus round consists of first reducing the number of different symbols on the reels, adding extra wilds and then awarding 10 free spins.

Extra Bonus
Outside of the rank structure there is one additional bonus round that can be attained at any time regardless of rank. This extra bonus round on the Sopranos slots is the Stolen Goods bonus. In this round you are shown a bunch of containers and a list of contents for the containers but what the Sopranos slots do not show is; what contents belong to which container. You are permitted to pick one container of your choice, the contents of which you win, however, if you are not too happy with your selection, the Sopranos slots will allow you to make an exchange but twice only.

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