You Can Advance in Rank on these Slots

These slots have a ranking system and so as you play them, you can be promoted to higher ranks. When you play Sopranos slots you will start out in the rank of soldier but it is possible to get promoted to the ranks of capo, boss or family. The rank that you hold at the […]

Crime is a game on this Slot

This slot machine is all about crime as it is themed on the popular TV series about a crime family. When you play Sopranos slot you will see that many of the characters from the series are symbols on the reels and at least one of the bonus rounds is based on crime, namely stolen […]

Join the World of Crime on these Slots

The Sopranos are the famous TV crime family made popular from the thriller series and it is that family which these slots have been themed on. This means that the Sopranos slots will take you into the world of crime and hopefully allow you to have a profitable experience, showing you that, at least on […]

This Slot is all about Crime

As this slot machine is based on the popular TV series about a crime family, it is hard to keep crime out of it. The Sopranos slot reflects some of the activities that this famous crime family get involved in, including stolen goods. There is in fact, one bonus round dedicated to stolen goods and […]

These Slots have Four Free Spin Rounds

On these slots there are four separate bonus rounds that all feature free spins but it will depend on the rank you hold within the family, as to which of the rounds you play. When you play Sopranos slots, there are four ranks that you play as starting as soldier. Once you have played the […]

There’s a Family of Wins Available on this Slot

This slot is all about family, the crime family from the popular TV series and so when you play the game, you join that family in its everyday business. When you play Sopranos slot, some of the family business is perhaps illegal but that doesn’t stop you from taking advantage of the stolen goods bonus […]

A Family of Fun and Excitement on these Slots

On these slot machines you join the popular crime family from the TV series and are included in their dubious activities. The Sopranos slots are all about the fictitious crime family and their daily activities such as dealing with stolen goods. Stolen goods is a bonus round on these slots that can be played at […]

Hang with the Bad Guys on this Slot

This slot machine is based on the antics of the famous fictional crime family from the popular TV series and so it is the characters from that family who you join, to share in some of their excitement, when you play this slot machine. The Sopranos slot starts you in the family rank of soldier […]

Win with a Crime Family on these Slots

When you play these slots, you will hope that crime can play as they are themed on the TV fictional crime family and you join them in their exciting but dubious activities. When you play Sopranos slots you will meet many of the characters from the TV drama series and hopefully share in some of […]

Receive a Stolen Container on this Slot

As this slot is themed on the dubious activities of a famous crime family, associating with stolen goods will not be the only criminal activity you will be involve with whilst playing. When you play Sopranos slot, you can trigger the stolen goods bonus round and in this round you are shown a number of […]