Beat the Raid when You Play Sopranos Slot

Posted on July 01, 2013

play sopranos slotThe Sopranos are a fictional crime family made famous by the TV series. This TV series has now become the theme when you play Sopranos slot and in one of the bonus rounds called ‘stolen goods’, you have to hide 5 packages, with each package containing a win. Once you have hidden the packages, there will be a raid on the building and any packages that aren’t found, you get to keep.

This isn’t the only bonus round when you play Sopranos slot though. In another bonus round, the winnings depend on what level you have attained. There are four levels, starting with soldier, working up through capo and boss to finally reach the family level and it is the number of bonus rounds attained that determines which level you play at. As you would expect, just with any crime family, when you play Sopranos Slot, the higher the rank you are then the better the potential profits can be.

In the soldier bonus round when you play Sopranos Slot, the round consists of 25 free spins with extra wilds being in play. The capo bonus round contains 20 free spins with a multiplier of between X2 and X5 and the boss bonus rounds starts with 10 free spins with several extra wilds in play but it is possible during the playing of the round, to increase your free spins in bunches of 5.

When you play Sopranos Slot and reach the final level, the family bonus round, you will receive just 10 free spins but the reels have far less symbols on them, making the wins far easier to attain, plus any win using the wild symbol will cause the winnings to be doubled and that can certainly amount to a ‘Bada Bing’ of a win.

Obviously as you can see, when you play Sopranos Slot with both its diversity of wins along with the number of wins available, this is a very exciting slot but add to that that the excitement of the TV series, which video clips of are shown during you playing of the game, then the excitement level is really high.

So you don’t have to be a criminal to play Sopranos Slot but you can experience some of the excitement of being one when you do.