Be a Mob Member on Sopranos Slots

Posted on September 24, 2013

sopranos slotThe ‘Mob’ is supposedly made up of a group of different crime families and when you play these slots, you join one of these families in their shady businesses. The Sopranos slots are themed on the fictional crime family made famous through the popular and dramatic TV series. During the playing of the Sopranos slots, you join this now legendary family in their daily activities and in order to make the most you can from these criminal ways, you have to work your way up through the different ranks in the family.

On the Sopranos slots there are four ranks that you have to work your way up through in order to achieve the best wins that the Sopranos slots have to offer. The crime family rank system, on the Sopranos slots, has you starting out as a ‘soldier’ from where you have to work your way up through ‘capo’ and ‘boss’ to finally reach ‘family’ status. Advancement through the ranks is made by the number of bonus rounds that you obtain and so you remain as soldier for the first three times that you obtain a bonus round and are promoted to capo for the forth round. As a capo on the Sopranos slots, you will play another three bonus rounds becoming boss for the 7th round. Once again, this time as boss, you will play another three bonus rounds before finally reaching the ultimate rank of family for the 10th and remaining bonus rounds attained on the Sopranos slots.

Bonus Rounds
There are different bonus rounds to play on the Sopranos slots and the round that you play is dependent on the rank you hold within the family. Therefore the first three bonus rounds that you play are as a soldier and that bonus round consists of 25 free spins. However as the Sopranos slots are based on the TV series, the main characters from the series are represented on the reels and id you are able to acquire a Christopher symbol on the center reel during this round, you will be awarded an extra 5 free spins.

The capo rounds on the Sopranos slots have 20 free spins with a multiplier of at least x2 and the boss rounds consist of 10 free spins but only after extra wilds have been added to the reels and once again you are able to increase this by 5 extra free spins.

For the family bonus rounds on Sopranos slots, many of the symbols on the reels have been removed making wins easier and then you are given 10 free spins.

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