Bada Bing with Sopranos Slot

Posted on June 03, 2013

play sopranos slotThis slot is based on the TV crime family series The Sopranos and so all the characters are represented as symbols on the 5 reels with 25 winning lines. The series famous saying Bada Bing, too has its own symbol, so when you play Sopranos slot you feel that you are part of the famous family. To enhance this family feeling even more, clips from the TV series are shown whilst you are playing the game.

The TV series was popular because it was exciting, full of intrigue and suspense and it are these qualities that have been able to be captured on the Sopranos Slot.

Perhaps as a step away from other slots, with the Sopranos Slot, as well as playing the regular game and the bonus rounds that are available, you also have to be aware of your ranking in the family and of course the higher rank you are; the better the payouts, so although you may start out as a ‘Soldier’ you can make your way up through ‘Capo’ to ‘Boss’ for even bigger payouts than those that you start at, which are already good.

Your ranking is determined by the number of bonus rounds you successfully enter and each time that you go up a rank, the bonus round is slightly different to allow you more winning options.

Bonus Rounds
Everybody likes bonus rounds and so why should a crime family be different. On the Sopranos Slot there are three separate bonus rounds that you can reach. To avail yourself of the first one you must get a ‘Bada Bing’ symbol on each of the middle three reels. Access to the second bonus round is obtained by getting a container symbol on reels 1 and 5.

It is the third bonus round, which is arrived at by getting three Sopranos Logos on a winning line that is played differently depending on your ranking in the family and although even as a soldier you will get 25 free spins, when you reach the highest ranking of ‘Family’ you will get 10 free spins but the number of different symbols on the reels are greatly reduced, greatly increasing your odds of winning on Sopranos Slot, and hopefully ensuring that you take home a bundle worthy of a respected crime family member.