A Promotion Means Change on this Slot

Posted on May 22, 2014

sopranos slotOn this slot machine, every time you get a promotion, the bonus round that you play will change, hopefully for the better. When you play Sopranos slot which is based on the popular, fictional TV crime family, you are required to rise through the family ranks. You will start in the default rank of soldier but will then advance in rank, after playing the bonus round a certain amount of times, to the rank of capo and then after playing so many bonus rounds in that rank, be advanced again to the rank of boss. Having also played the bonus round several times as boss, you will finally make it to the top rank of family. The bonus rounds you play in each rank, although all different, all have the potential to award you some big wins, almost convincing you that crime can pay.

Whilst still in the rank of soldier, the bonus round that you will play will consist of 25 free spins. During the playing of these free spins, the symbol for the character Chris will be an extra wild to help you get some wins.

Once you advance to the rank of capo, the bonus that you play will consist of 20 free spins but any win obtained during the free spins will have a multiplier of 2. During the playing of this round it is possible to increase the multiplier of 2 to a multiplier of 5.

The bonus round played as boss has 10 free spins but before the free spins start, extra wilds would have been added to reels 2 and 4. Also, during the playing of these free spins, if you manage to get a wild symbol in the middle of the reels, you can gain an extra 5 free spins.

The bonus round played as family starts by many of the symbols on the reels being removed to make the wins easier to find and then 10 free spins are awarded, during which time, the receiving of a wild symbol in a win, will double the value of that win.

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