Sopranos Video Slot

5 years after our favourite Mafioso family left our TV screens, they have made a return thanks to Playtech in the superb Sopranos Slot Machine. With tons of bonus games to win, fistfuls of money and amazing HD graphics that practically brings the game animation scenes to life, this slot is certainly up there with their best.

With 25-paylines spread over 5-reels, you can enjoy all your favourite movie characters including Paulie, Christopher, Bobby, Artie, Johnny and of course the legend himself – Tony Soprano, at the same time. Better yet, thanks to some of syndication with the TV producers, you can even see some of your favourite scenes from the hit show, revealed as you hit various bonus rounds or big win combinations.

The maximum bet you can make on the Sopranos Slot is a jaw-dropping £1,250 but that’s not so surprising when you realise that the Jackpot win is also a staggering £500,000 itself! Not to worry if this is a little out of your comfort zone as the lowest bet to cover all the lines is just 25p (although the rewards you can get your hands on are a little less grandiose).

The final point to mention is that at any given time, you can be taken to the Mystery Raid Bonus which allows you to spread four envelopes (each with 2x your total bet in) amongst 4 different locations. Two of these will then be ‘raided’ and you get to keep any money that survived the round. Not bad considering this is just an extra incentive before you even reach the main Sopranos Slot bonuses.


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Bonus Rounds

There are three main bonus rounds to get your hands on, including one progressive option – so we’ve split them up below:

Get a ‘Bada Bing’ symbol on each of the three middle reels and get taken to a screen with all five main characters. Playing as Tony, meet your family and win cash prizes as you go. During this round, you get to enjoy fun video sequences as well in collaboration with the TV sitcom.

Should you reveal the Container symbols on Reels 1 and 5, you will be transported to the Stolen Goods Bonus. Here you have various containers across the screen and 10 cash prizes on your right. Pick a container to win one of those cash sums and should you choose to gamble it in search of a higher prize – you can get 2 more picks for free.

Undeniably the greatest of the bonus rounds on the Sopranos Slot, in keeping with the Thunderstruck II style, the more times you win this bonus, the better the options you unlock. When you see three of more Sopranos logos on the reels, you are awarded free spins from one of four different choices (unlocked the more you play).

  • The first, ‘Soldier,’ is automatically open from the start and offers 25 free spins with extra Christopher symbols as Wilds. If he appears in the middle of the centre reel – get 5 extra spins
  • The second, ‘Capo,’ is opened on your 4th bonus and offers 20 free spins with a dynamic multiplier between 2x and 5x. Paul is the difference here – if he appears on the reels, the multiplier increases by 1, if not it goes down by 1 but not below 2x
  • The third, ‘Boss,’ is unlocked on your 7th bonus round and you get 10 free spins with 2-5 random extra wilds spread across the reels on every spin. The multiplier symbol on the centre of the middle reel will bump you by 5 more free spins again too
  • The final, ‘Family,’ is revealed on your 10th bonus go and gives you 10 free spins with only Wild, Scatter and family member symbols. Better yet, wild symbols double their win values here so you can expect a massive payout potential here!

If all of that great stuff has sold you on the Sopranos Slot Machine, then look no further than our carefully selected featured partners above, that have been screened by our own Mafioso to ensure that you get the very best bonuses, no disrespect from the customer support and that they make you feel part of the family with their VIP treatment. So what are you waiting for – check one out or all of them out if you feel extra lucky … but remember … the bonus rounds are progressive and this is per casino.


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